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I really liked rotzloeffels recommendation of FTL (http://www.the-prussian-gamer.de/index.php?topic=2689.0)

and just wanted to add another one which i consider on par with it: Mount&Blade (i play warbands but there's also a napoleonic version and a eastern europe 17th cent. version)

the game got me when my nords-infantry first met khergit-mounted archers .... but it takes some time for the game to set off and it surely is not for the high end graphics hipster

This game is truly awesome! I recommended it as a great roleplaying game just the last weekend and I think I'm going to write an article about it.

In short: The player is given a sandbox with different kingdoms and rulers, their cities, keeps, and villages, and is free to muster an army, to ally with one of the rulers and to take part in their wars. With enough backup the player might even start an own kingdom. The battles are played in first person view, with the possibility to position the own troops (infantry, archer, cavalry) to best meet the enemy.

And you probably won't die, but getting caught and then ransomed.

Totally awesome. I saw one person write a diary about the game from the PCs perspective and it was pure roleplaying gold.


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