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Undead return of the cousin's dog of the aesthetics thread

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Has anybody else noticed that increasingly war-zone footage/imagery is utterly Photoshopped to look more GrimDark shaded??? Like in some Vampire CGI movie?

I find it super-disgusting how the real Syria is not GrimDark enough, so people Warhammerize it to make it look more like a First Person Shooter:

Pulitzer Prize winning:

World Press Photo of the year

And just found: look if you see any FPS allusions:

What does that mean, though?
Must reality bow to the conceptualization of reality the users have?
Is REALISITC now defined by FirstPerson Shooters and CGI movies?

It's the curse of the HDR images. Look at this crap: http://fotohall.de/hdr/Hdr-Foto-Hotel-Ahlbecker-Hof-00.jpg

MK Ultra:
In deed ugly! (could not review the videos yet)

Maybe when reality looks like reality, that makes it a bit too real, like it could actually happen to you. Pimped pictures aparently feature better in news-tainment. ppl seem to get conditioned, to react emotionally to this, but i would guess in a cinema trained way, that makes it much easyer, to discard everything after sufficient consumption. How are you supposed to enjoy your news thrill, if it leaves you worried and disturbed for the rest of the day! The X-tainmentization of everything is an ugly trend i think.

I believe it's just a stupid fashion infecting digital imaging.

Any photographer, amateur or otherwise around?


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